In Honor of True Servant Leadership

The reality of “True Servant-Leadership” is alive in the midst of the African Hebrew Israelites of
Jerusalem as they enjoy the fruits of the works and example of their spiritual leader Ben Ammi
Ben Israel.
Community members, based in Dimona, Israel, continue to enjoy peaceful, neighborly
interactions; an exemplary health consciousness inclusive of the observance of a vegan diet,
exercise and holistic lifestyle (with the incumbent good health); life enhancing institutions and
cottage industries; and the continuity of True Servant-Leadership, carrying the community
beyond the physical transition of Ben Ammi, in late 2014.
Ben Ammi’s True Servant-Leadership was honored this past December in a memorial service,
held at the community’s “Ahkvah” (Brotherhood) School. The students’ heartfelt love and
sincerity was evident as they gave dedications to Ben Ammi, some reciting the Truth Scrolls
which he authored and encouraged them to internalize. Adults gave passionate testimonials of
their realization of Ben Ammi’s vision for a righteous lifestyle and close-knit community. The
memorial coincided with the school’s celebration of its 25th anniversary.
True Servant-Leadership was also celebrated at the annual Leadership Ball, featuring Divine
socializing, dining and dancing. Entertainers expressed thanks to the leadership via their crafted
lyrics, offering their continued support and allegiance. The community’s Queen Mother Kaninah
was also honored, as it was her 97th birthday! She was showered with gifts and songs for being so
youthful and high spirited, as the forerunner to Physical Immortality.
The humility and service of the True Servant-Leaders is a refreshing reality in the Village of
Peace, as community members are able to trust and communicate freely with their leaders,
working for the welfare of the whole, in implementing Ben Ammi’s vision – within the confines
of their village and beyond, to the farthest reaches of the globe.

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